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Recycle & Reuse

Milestone Candles premise is about turning a milestone into a celebration and then into a keepsake. You can safely recycle your Milestone Candle by reusing it as a keepsake container for mementos that have significance to the milestone you have just celebrated!

****Never reuse the container to burn another candle or as a drinking vessel!!

Suggested Cleaning Method:

Step 1: burn your candle until less than 1/4" wax remains

Step 2: boil water, and make a cup of tea while you're at it

Step 3: pour boiling water into empty candle containers to melt residue wax

Step 4: pour out water carefully - glass and metal does get hot!

Step 5: wipe container clean with a paper towel

Step 6: if the wick tab is still left behind, scrape it out with a putty knife

Step 7: let dry for 24 hours. Fill your jar or tin with anything you like! Our favorite things to use them for are keepsakes; sand from your honeymoon, lock's of hair, pennies from heaven, dried flowers.

NOTE: try not to spill water on the outside of the tins- it may cause the belly wrap label on the candle to wrinkle or come off of the tins. Do not replace the lid on the tin until completely cool and dry.