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Celebrate Your Retirement (CURRENTLY AVAIL ON AMAZON)

Celebrate Your Retirement

Relax!!!! You finally made it to the next chapter of your life. It's time to put your feet in the sand and let the wind blow through your hair! Our Milestone Candles “Celebrate Your Retirement” candle is meant as a vehicle to help you take time out to savor and check off items on your bucket list!  Burn this candle before, during, and after doing all of those “things” you always wanted to do when you retired. When completely burned, use the container as a keepsake for mementos from your retirement adventures - sand from that favorite beach, a rock from that hike of a lifetime - things that inspire and remind you of just how far you have come and where you would like to go next,,,,,,.

We also invite you to share with us how you are using your Milestone Candle. Please feel free to share via Facebook, Pinterest, etc. or email us directly and we will post pictures and stories on our Blog. Milestones are meant to be shared - let's celebrate this journey together!