Celebrate Your New Home

Celebrate your New Home with Milestone Candles. Be it your first home or your fifth - it's important to celebrate the environment you live in. It's a place for new beginnings, decorating fun, and a place to call home sweet home! We intentionally scented this candle "Sage” because it is a scent that cleanses the energy of your new space and allows for your own "energy" to come in! When you are finished with your Milestone Candle, recycle & reuse your container as a keepsake for mementos from your journey into this new home; a dried flower from the first bloom in your front yard, a rock from your nearby beach, a paint chip from that old purple color you painted over! Enjoy your new home!

We invite you to share with us how you are using your Milestone Candle. Please feel free to share via Facebook, Pinterest, etc. or email us directly at jamie@milestonecandles.com and we will post pictures and stories on our Blog.