Celebrate Your Breast Cancer Recovery- Unscented

Celebrate Your Breast Cancer Recovery


Recovery begins the moment you find out you have Cancer. We want the receiver of this candle to find strength, peace, balance, and determination as they move through the healing process. This candle is to be used as a vehicle for support; unscented to ensure those going through chemotherapy and treatment are not impacted by any scents as they heal.

When done using your Milestone Breast Cancer Recovery Candle recycle and reuse the container for keepsakes and mementos collected along your recovery journey; a rock from a memorable hike, some sand from a special beach sunset, dried flowers from a friend.

We invite you to share with us how you are using your Milestone Candle. Please feel free to share via Facebook, Pinterest, etc. or email us directly and we will post pictures and stories on our Blog. Milestones are meant to be shared - let's support each other along this journey called "life" together.