Celebrate Baby First Year - Boy

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Celebrate Your Baby’s First Year, Boy

Enjoy each and every moment of your Baby Boy's 1st year of life! It goes by so fast! Use your Baby's 1st Year Milestone Candle every time you want to reflect and celebrate a special moment or milestone in your baby's life; sleeping more, taking their first bath, rolling over, crawling. So many Milestones to enjoy! When your candle is done, recycle and reuse the container as a keepsake for a lock of baby's hair, wristband from the hospital or any other keepsake that will remind you of the joy of your Baby Boy's beautiful 1st year of life! Interested in Celebrating Baby's 2nd Year of life? Send us an email at jamie@milestonecandles.com

We also invite you to share with us how you are using your Milestone Candle via Social Media. Please feel free to share via Facebook, Pinterest, etc. or email us directly and we will post pictures and stories on our Blog. Milestones are meant to be shared - let's celebrate this journey together!